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Grandpa Trump

Donald Trump, who may or may not be the devil, is a grandfather. And I am officially jealous of the little wiener....(The baby, not Trump)

Sure, Trump may be so utterly horrible that the thought of actually being in a room with him made me throw up in my mouth a little just now, and he may be uglier than a mutant warthog who's really let itself go, and his hair does tend to frighten children, and YES, he IS a bastardly little toady whose personality sickens us all, BUT...damn, what was my point? Ah, yes, my point is, it's still not a bad thing to be related to him. Who wouldn't want Trump as their grand pappy?? That kid's gonna get PAID.

In related news, I declared super duper bankruptcy last week, and am willing to dance for nickels.

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