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Crossing Jordan cancelled

Well, they finally cancelled Crossing Jordan, which runs Wednesday night on NBC. When I heard it was cancelled, I had to ask myself why. Why did they cancel it now?? Why not four years ago?? Why did they keep it on for so long??

For the billions of viewers who correctly chose to never watch, Crossing Jordan came along just when the whole forensic investigation CSI crap was suddenly the bees knees for all you crazy cats in TV town. But Crossing Jordan really managed to set itself apart from the rest by the sheer intensity of it's sucking. I actually used to watch regularly until I realized it wasn't a comedy.

NBC will be replacing it with a remake of The Bionic Woman. Sadly not joking. It's good to see that NBC is maintaining it's high level of creative thinking in the development department. I shall continue to use Wednesday nights as the time I go through my neighbors trash in an effort to study their eating habits. I don't know why I do this, but I can't seem to stop.