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Britney Spears, covered in vomit

Five years ago 'Britney Spears covered is vomit' may have been kind of hot....well, at least better then what I'm picturing now. It seems Britney has been doing her best drunk homeless man impression recently as she continues to party like a my housekeeper on payday. The Sun UK says:

The singer disappeared to the bathroom just an hour after arriving at the Mondrian Hotel's swanky Sky Bar with five friends. Britney had to be carried out of the men's toilets on Sunday night after she was discovered vomiting uncontrollably...Out of it, she was overheard telling hotel staff: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Things aren't going well for me at the moment."...She was then carried out of the bar sobbing and covered in sick.

Interesting. Seems Britney is taking a page of out my 'prom dates 1993-1997' book, wearing a wig, puking all over herself and getting carried home. However, in my case I still got the girl! That is, if by 'girl' you mean 'watching scrambled porn and sobbing uncontrollably'....

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