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Britney is the fug of the week

For those keeping track, Britney was cute hot for 1 year, sexy hot for 2 years, skanky hot for 4 years, then trailer-trash mom fugly for 3 years. But as of late, it's been kind of a week to week thing. We at popculturepundit.com have maintained constant vigilance. We are sad to report that after a three-week run of skanky hot, ole Brit has been downgraded back to fugly. I think the above picture will remove any chance of debate on that subject.

So where did she go astray? You certainly can't blame the outfit. If you can't look hot in one-dollar shades, the always classy second-hand hair band, and the lesbian frilly under-thingy, then there's something wrong. Just wrong. And sad. So very very sad and just plain wrong.

So, here's a fun little game for you. Add a comment, tell me what YOU think put that sour look on her face. Is she listening to one of her own albums? Did someone just hand her a mirror? What's your opinion? C'mon. Wow me.