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Back to rehab for Lindsay

Seems Lohan finally realised that she may have a tad of a problem and is willingly checking herself into rehab after her coke/DUI/crash thingy. However, this time around she's "crashing" (funny joke, TA-DA!) Britney Spears' old haunt at Promises in Malibu (and we all know how well that went for Britney...ahem...).

Now I'm not a 'fortune teller' or 'see the future' or 'pee standing up' but I'm not thinking this will go well. I think Prince Charles has a better chance of gaining super-powers due to radioactive exposure and flying to the moon to start his own gay colony of royal moon-men before Lindsay even finishes rehab and/or cleans up. Think about it...ROYAL MOON MEN!

Death Watch 2007 is still on you sexy beasts!

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