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Win with Avril Lavigne and Pop Culture Pundit!

Like free stuff? Like Canadians? Like skinny bitches? Like when gossip sites become sellouts and offer contests? Well if you're like me the answer is 'YEPPEROO!' or if you're not at all like me (you totally wish you were) it'll probably just be a 'YES!' or 'I'll get back to you...' or 'where are your pants and why are you in my house??!'

Well here's the scoop: thanks to our friends at Cingular I have 2 free Avril Lavigne "Best Damn Thing" CDs and 2 free Avril posters to give away, all you got to do is email Pop Culture Pundit and tell me why you should win. It's simple, based on the funniest, hottest or lamest email we'll award the winner! It's as easier then Britney Spears after 3 drinks, there are no rules, just impress us!

You can also enter to win a Fender Signature Series guitar by Avril Lavigne, check that here or here! Support Canadian artists and keep up that sperm count!

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