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Jimmy Kimmel: big fat crybaby or hypocrite?

Remember that whiny fat kid on the playground who used to get his panties in a knot over the littlest things like losing his marbles or accidentally trading his Boba Fett action figure for a Princess Leia hair set? When given the choice of dealing with his concern in a rational manner, this fat kid would instead get this posse together to kick your ass because he couldn't do it on his own. Well my friends, that kid grew up to be Jimmy Kimmel!

Check out the video HERE of him attacking celebrity blogs and their methods, means and sources by cornering Gawker editor (and apparently baby-eater) Emily Gould with the help of his publicist and a lawyer. Good work Jimmy! For you next trick will you be apologizing to everyone on the Man Show you made a fool of using the same speculative and exploitative methods? Watch the video, the hypocrisy will make your stomach turn worse then the time you accidentally fed your uncle with the 'wandering hands' some Viagra at Thanksgiving (which is now know in your home as 'Skanksgiving').

By the way, if Jimmy 'who would ever buy online advertising' Kimmel hates these sites so much, someone better remind Jimmy that's he's currently advertising on Egotastic and thesuperficial among other sites. Nice.

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