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Tyler Durden: I say thee nay!

This post is to respond to the comments I received to date regarding my 'Gossip Blog Wars' post a few days back (read it here). It just so happens that the writer of one of the site got his panties in a knot (let's just say it wasn't thesuperficial) and felt the need to post some comments under the clever pseudonym of 'anonymous' (was 'clinically retarded' taken?)

Now I won't call out the site writer (ahem - 30 year old bodybuilder who dates 17 year old Asians with clear anger issues relating to a possible steriod habit - ahem) by name, because I appreciate my anonymity as writer of this site and will respect other's privacy (most of my friends and family have no idea this site even exists, and I want to keep it that way). That being said, I would like to respond to the comments and present a retort, much like how the other site writer attacked thesuperficial's writers earlier this week or like I'm the captain of my own little debating team...either way it's awesomely one-sided.

Anonymous said...
...The archives for this site date back to May. Do a site:url in Google and you'll see only ~140 indexes. Search further and you'll see 2/3 of those are in Supplemental. There's a reason for that. It's probably why this site is getting only 300 hits a day when it should be getting at least 3k after a whole year. Also look at the referers. There isn't one hit from google. It will take you about 2 minutes to check all this as it did me.

Touche. It's true, my traffic levels aren't huge, they can fluctuate day-to-day based on what sites are linking to me. I don't have partners, a rich backer or huge sites in my network driving traffic to my site, I use blogger.com and simply rely on a loyal readership base and big stories now and again to account for any sharp increases in traffic.

Anonymous said...
once again. check the rankings. wwtdd is by far the most popular of all the sites owned by gorillamask. gorillamask.net's alexa rankings is only 3067 while wwtdd is 2318. it only takes 2 min to look it up. it takes 30 seconds to open your mouth and sound like an idiot.

Charming and Mel Gibson-esq even. My traffic levels can be 20,000 visitors a day or 500, it varies, anyone can check my sitemeter, I have nothing to hide. I honestly would rather grow slowly and organically with repeat visitors who enjoy my site. I prefer having a small growing community then people being driven to my site thanks to partner sites (and porn sites apparently). I'll admit, I try to promote my site when possible, yet I still feel my conservative growth so far creates a fun environment and according to the emails I get from my readers (popculturepundit@hotmail.com) this approach seems to be appreciated.

I'm admittedly just a small blogger and this is nothing more then a creative outlet. I'm not looking to become famous or rich, I have a day job then I enjoy and this site is simply a fun hobby and distraction for me. I'm not about to get in a pissing contest or a 'who is bigger?' arguement with that site because I'd lose. But at least I'm in a place where I'm confident with what I have and don't need the numbers to enjoy what I do...the other site, not so much.