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Tommy Lee is most likely gay

I'm not one to throw around such labels as 'gay' or 'shifty' or 'cock-sure', but in the case of Tommy Lee I'm thinking he's 2 outta those 3. Hollywood rag reports:

The Motley Crue drummer - who has previously confessed he is so obsessed by feet he prowls shoe shops in the hope of catching a glimpse of womens' toes - shocked onlookers at Seattle's Feniz club when he abandoned a groupie's toes in favour of his male bandmates.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "Tommy was sucking the feet of a buxom red-head while his band Supernova watched."But when lead singer Lucas Rossi pulled off his shoes and socks and asked for 'a good licking' Tommy ditched her and started tonguing Rossi's feet."

He then sucked the feet of other band members while onlookers howled in disgust.

I think I just threw up my popcorn I had this afternoon after reading that. And by 'throw up my popcorn' I mean I just shoved a chisel up my nose in hopes that a total lobotomy could erase the memory that Tommy Lee sucks men's feet.