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Nicole Richie needed a snack

Nicole Richie was rushed to the hospital on Friday for "dehydration". While filming season 4 of The Simple Life Nicole began to feel faint and dizzy and was rushed to the hospital, at the hospital she was given fluids and food prior to being released.

Seriously, is Nicole living in a country where food and water aren't available, like the Soviet Union, Quebec or the former Ottoman Empire? Is 'The Simple Life' a code for 'Concentration Camp'? Because there is no way in hell that a celeb with a good income should need to go to the hospital because they didn't eat or drink. Even if we were in Africa she could have always eaten a tiger or zebra...or else eaten a Big Mac that was pretending that it was a tiger - kinda like when I put on my tiger pajamas and crawl around my apartment going 'Grrrr....eat me Nicole....GRRAWWW...TIGER! TIGER!!!'