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Lindsay Lohan loves to drink

The last time I left AA I spent most of my time making amends, going to trial for killing hobos and working kids parties as Coco the Sober Clown. But one thing that an alcoholic SHOULDN'T do is go back to hitting the bottle hard.

"The newly blond starlet was with Jude Law at The Box both Friday and Saturday nights, where spies said she was "drinking champagne and dancing with four Lindsay look-alikes." She also partied at Stereo last Friday, Butter and Bungalow 8 on Monday, and had plans to hit the Plumm last night with pal Charlotte Ronson. Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, told Page Six, "Lindsay's doing fine. She's taking her life day by day."

Day by day seems to translate to: drink by drink. Lindsay seems to be so out of control before we know it she'll be the next Anna Nicole. And by 'Anna Nicole' I mean 'dead'.