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Lindsay Lohan: hard worker

Fresh off her stint in rehab Lindsay Lohan returned to filming I Know Who Killed Me, but sources on the set says she's still as irresponsible as ever.

Insiders report that last month she kept crew members waiting for five hours because she wouldn't come out of her trailer. When she eventually did come out, she reportedly threw up and then went home.

I don't want to jump to any conclusion here and say 'she's not a hard worker'. Being a bulimic is hard, hard work in itself. I usually need a good 5 hour nap before throwing up as well, just like that fat chick Natalie from Facts of Life. Her problem was that she didn't throw up enough...which is why she was still fat. But I never call her 'fat' to her face, because that would disqualify my chance to repeat my Mr.Sensitivity title in 2007. BADOW!