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J-Lo's marriage on the rocks

Looks like Latinos and skeletons just don't mix afterall. According to reports, it seems that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have been playing it up in real life only to have a crap load of issues privately (um - isn't that considered a 'normal marriage'?) leading them to an eventual divorce.

The biggest issues revolve around children and Scientology. J-Lo doesn't want any kids just yet and Skeletor is really into the bat-shiat crazy cult. A source has gone on to say:

"There was a fight after she performed at the Super Bowl, and when she had an album listening party in Miami two months ago, there was an issue." Lopez stood up and talked about her upcoming album and said, "This is my dream and Marc and I worked so hard on this album ... Marc, would you like to say something?"- which Anthony coldly said, "No," and looked away

Zing! Good one Marc - nothing pisses your wife off more then you being a cold, cold bitch. And speaking of cold, judging by the way Marc has looked lately I'd assume his internal temperature is probably around minus 70 or something, he looks like the walking dead. I should know, I'm a meteorologist.