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Here we go again: Britney Spears' NEW sex tape

This "surprise" ranks right up there with the time I went to Burger King every day for 4 weeks and got really, really fat....Britney has another dirty tape on the market.

It seems there is a bidding war on (currently around $150,000) for a security tape showing Britney changing into a bikini and fishnets with two equally chubby dancers at New York's One nightclub last month. Both dancers were fired after the video of them doing some serious partying (aka lesbian lovefest) with Britney was discovered.

This tape will seal the deal. She's losing her kids, and money, to K-Fed. If only she was still hot I'd swoop in to save her. But those days are gone my friends, and I only use my super-powers for the sexy - not the bald and chubby. Pity.