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Gossip Blog Wars!*

*Not to be confused with War Games or Warren Buffet or Family Feud...

Ordinarily I write about celebs, rich people and anyone else in the spotlight that needs to be taken down a notch due to their misplaced feelings of self-importance.

However, this was too funny to pass up. Rival celeb gossip sites WWTDD.com and thesuperficial.com are now fighting like two little school girls who've read each other's diaries by going tit-for-tat on who stole from who. WWTDD is doing his best Matlock impression by posting stories in an Exhibit A and Exhibit B formats chronicling what he feels is pure plagiarism. What results in nothing more then awkward venting and finger pointing that really just make his readers feel like they would if they just walked in on their mom tossing their dad's salad. You know, embarrassed and slightly aroused....

My feelings? It's all the same f'ing stories and material we're working from. The jokes are usually obvious and otherwise derived from the same obscure pop culture references we've grown up with (WWTDD seems to get the majority of his jokes from Hot Shots! Part Deux and The Nanny) and all this venting is worthless.

Read more cry-babying HERE. I hope writers at thesuperficial are man enough not to respond.