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Britney Spears on suicide watch!

Britney has been placed under suicide watch, but according to sources (within the rehab center) it's gotten far worse. She has been stripped of anything with which she can hurt herself with which includes shoelace, belts and even her bedsheets. Britney has also been placed under frequent watch from orderlies and negotiators that have the ability to intervene if Britney attempts harm herself.

Apparently the staff and doctors have requested that K-Fed, the kids and Britney's mom to be on call if needed to talk the pop (bat-shiat-crazy) princess out of hurting herself if the situation escalates.

You heard it here first, stay tuned for additional details. Let's just hope she doesn't get a hold of a gun, because nothing would be worse then Britney putting a gun in one ear and a finger in the other - you know - because the gun makes a really really loud bang. Loud noise makes Brit say 'ow!'