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Britney: coke addict and big baby

Star Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears is drinking 24 cans of coke a day while in rehab (isn't that over 3,000 calories?). Not only that but the staff at Promises are saying that Britney has had a terrible attitude during her stay. They say:

"Britney has a seriously bad attitude problem," an "insider" tells Star. "She's been very demanding; acts like a 12-year-old and throws temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants! "She refuses to pick up after herself and even asked if she could hire a maid!" adds the source. "She's asking for this and that, special food, special everything...and she's not that nice to anyone."

It's likely that Spears is acting out, reports that mag, because she feels she doesn't belong in rehab in the first place. "I heard she keeps saying she is just sick from postpartum depression and that she does not have any real addiction problem, which is a joke," the source tells the mag. "She has an addiction."

My problem with this whole story is that the staff from this professional rehab facility continues to leak this kind of information! What will this do to their reputation? I tell you what, this lame-ass facility would be lucky to host a 8 year old's birthday party by the time all this ends. And I know all about throwing parties for kids...um, well that is before I had to register as a sex offender and give up my job at Chucky Cheeses'...but still....PARRRRRTAAAY!!