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Tyra "Chubs" Banks re-creates history

In honor of Black History Month, Tyra Banks celebrated the 10th anniversary of her being the first black model appear on the cover of SI Swimsuit Issue (ah yes, I remember it well...). She recreated the photos while wearing the same swimsuit using the same photographers however I'm assuming the buffet was probably at bit larger this time around.

I'm going to be honest - this has less to do with 'black history' and more to do about Chubsy McFat-Bottoms Banks herself and her ego. Ever since she put on all that weight, then starved herself and made that big scene on her show I've lost any respect I've had for her. Her desperate need to prove herself has become so bad that she now feels the need to photoshop the hell out of her body to look like she did ten years ago (check the 'making of' video HERE).

If they did the amount of photoshop on a picture of me that they did on her shoot they could totally give me a zebra head and the body of Desi Arnaz Jr and it would still look more realistic then her bikini body. She's got some 'splaining to do!