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The train wreck that is Britney continues

This is really getting to be fun! Britney's partying is continuing regardless of her breakdown earlier this weekend.

Sunday afternoon, Britney was spotted without her kids at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles.
Wearing a bikini and a wig, chain smoking and partying with her friends. Then in the evening Britney and her entourage headed to the Roxy nightclub in West Hollywood for a friend's birthday party the onto the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills for some more partying. One clubber who saw Britney last night says:

'While she was in the club she kept going to bathroom all the time, which was weird.'

This is getting out of hand, by the end of this week she'll be boxing kangaroos in the alley for cigarette money - either that or dead. It's 50/50 at best.