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The racist Hiltons get what they deserve

Robert Falor, the developer behind Nicky Hilton's South Beach hotel project said on Friday that he is considering pulling his money off the table because of Nicky's participation in the home video where she Paris laugh and joke whlie making racist remarks. Falor says:

'I'm very concerned about it. I'm shocked actually that she would participate in something like that...There's been some negative press on Nicky about the clothing line and the handbag line recently, now there's this issue. We're evaluating - and want to make the decision quickly - whether this is something we want to be a part of.'

Wait a second, the Hiltons will have to suffer the consequences of their actions? I had to suffer that once, like how my marathon session of 'self-pleasure' resulted in 5th degree burns and a very very sick chimpanzee. Try explaining THAT to your doctor...and zoologist....