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More Brits: Hugh Grant actually might be cool

In an interview with CBS news regarding his new movie 'Music & Lyrics' Hugh actually said something that made me think that he's not such a huge British poof after all;

Appropriately, the movie opens on Valentine's Day, a day Grant said can reap huge rewards if a man knows how to play it right. 'I remember one Valentine's Day ago sending a huge bunch of flowers to this girl and instantly regretting it,' he said. 'But ... it worked so well. Girls are easy. Really easy.'

Damn right Hugh. My luck on Valentine's Day never seems to go as well. Like the time I tried to re-create the St Valentine's Day Massacre through dance and spoken word for my girl, or the time I got bought women's lingerie...who was I to know that men buy that stuff for the women and aren't supposed to wear it themselves...um, wearing it while doing coke with a dwarf, ah, and a donkey...

Back to my usual tradition I guess, Jack Daniels and crying myself to sleep...Happy Valentine's Day!