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Happy New Years from Pop Culture Pundit!

The very attractive, witty and well-hung man behind this whole mess of a gossip site would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Over the course of the last few months I've tried my best to maintain my day job and bang all the chicks I can while updating the site as regularly as possible...well not 'bang all the chicks' per se, but my profile on lavalife is getting like TONS of action lately...(tons = two hits, one of which may or may not be my mom...but she's a real cool mom!). Let's be honest though, I've been pretty much calling it in over the holidays as no one really cares what happens in Hollywood over Christmas (or Christmas II for that matter).

However, in the new year there is much to look forward to, most importantly the site will be undergoing a major update and redesign and will have a whole new look (with a little more pink then you babies are used to)!

Now time to go out, get trashed and party like a rockstar! That's right....no panties and smashing my valet with a gold spanking paddle! WOOOO!

See you in 2007!