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Beyonce's incredible melting head

A 32 year old melting woman, eh? I'd still hit it, even though she makes my head look good in relation.

Recently a rumour circulated that Beyonce was actually born in 1974, which would make her seven years older than her reported age of 25. Or 136 in dog years.

That's not a big deal to me - lying about your age is fairly common place. Truth be told, I'm guilty of it as well...when I'm online I'm usually posing as a 14 year old girl....uh...I mean scratch that...I never lie about my age (suckers). But what's worse is Beyonce's wig (see above pic) - someone has got to teach that girl to glue it on properly. If it's anything like the fake moustache I'm always sporting it really outta be easy as pie! Ole!