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Prof. K-Fed Publishes his first Masterpiece

On the heels of his break up with Britney, K-Fed has decided to better himself in an attempt to rework his persona into somewhat of a renaissance man, if you will. I mean, he's great looking, he can sing, dance, act and he's good at having babies....

But now we can add yet another qualification to his turd-filled resume: writer. Look out Oprah's Book Club (TM) here comes your next 'must read'...

Today I'm a free man
Ladies look out
Fuck a wife
Give me my kids Bitch!

....sniff....please readers, give me a moment to compose myself. Nary have I ever felt such emotion over the written word. It's simply a shame that this work (which poetic verse rivals the Psalms themselves) was relegated to the shower door of his change room at the Chicago House of Blues where he performed (p.s. performed to an empty room).

K-Fed, you have proven your gift. Now please die.