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Owen Wilson to marry Kate Hudson

Another good man goes down. Owen Wilson has been spotted shopping for a ring as reported by Page Six:

The so-called "Butterscotch Stallion" was spotted Friday with his mother at the Harry Winston store at the Highland Park Mall in Dallas. "They were looking at a huge, pear-shaped, flawless diamond engagement ring," said our witness. Owen and Hudson fell in love filming "You, Me and Dupree" last year, and Hudson soon left rocker hubby Chris Robinson. Though the bauble was an engagement band, a rep for Wilson said, "Owen's mother was looking for jewelry for herself."

First of all, kudos for landing such a hot chick, but the "Butterscotch Stallion"?? Is that what they call Owen Wilson? Talk about gay! Sounds like he's going to slap me with a white glove and challenge me to a duel...either that or pee his own pants with excitement while reading Black Beauty.

Secondly, who goes shopping with their mom anymore? The last time I went shopping with my mom I ended up with a velcro pair of Kangaroos with a zipper pocket that couldn't hold dick-all!! Ah well, I guess that's the Butterscotch Stallion for you....