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Kirsten Dunst may be pregnant

Star Magazine has claimed in an email newsletter yesterday that Kirsten Dunst might be pregnant. The Star says:

She has been spotted wearing baggy clothing, ordering big boxes of sweet chocolaty treats, and overheard complaining of lower back pain and nausea during filming. Her rep denies that these tell-tale signs are signaling that Kirsten is a mom-to-be, but her interest in co-star Tobey Maguire's newborn daughter suggests otherwise. Kirsten has become fascinated by details about the pregnancy of Tobey's fiancee, Jennifer Meyer, asking how she dealt with morning sickness. When Tobey replied that Jennifer felt awful throughout the entire nine months, Kirsten just groaned, "Oh great!”"

I really hope she's pregnant and this isn't a false alarm. I remember when I thought I was pregnant one morning when I kept throwing up and then I went to see my doctor and he told me that I wasn't pregnant and that I didn't have a vagina. Then I went home and cried. True story.