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K-Fed says sex tape doesn't exist

Riiiiiight. K-Fed also says that Cheetos are a main course, beer caps are amazing decor and leaving your wife while pregnant is par for the course. That's right, I don't buy it. Here's a thought; somebody told K-Fed that blackmail was illegal and all of a sudden the tape 'is gone' (I'm sure he dubbed it a billion times first). Read more here.

If he keeps this up Britney and her lawyers will make sure that K-Fed is nothing more then a ragged old bum on the street drinking his Colt 45 outta a paper bag behind the Taco Bell....errr....wait, I mean....worse then he is now....

p.s. my other theory? KKKramer burned the tape because it was black. Racist bastard! We all expect his 'apology' soon.