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The Britney Vagina Code is broken!!

Unless you've been living under a rock over the past few days Britney Spears has been giving us all a peak at her bad-touch area over and over again. If you've been thinking it couldn't happen again, well welcome to the completion of the poon-trilogy. For the third time THIS WEEK Britney Spears has gotten out of a car with a super short dress and no panties to show us all her snorcher. However, this time she thought she'd class it up a notch and do so at a gas station.

But let's stop and think about this for a bit. This is too much of a coincidence, perhaps it's us that don't understand, maybe she's trying to tell us something.....hmmm....gas station....no panties.....crotch shot....spreading her legs....WAIT! This is all finally starting to make sense...

The gas station represents big oil. The lack of panties speaks to a lack of supply and her c-section scar is pointing us to a c-word, such as 'catalyst', meaning the biggest catalyst for oil's seemingly remorseless rise in recent years has been the simplest economic driver there is: the balance between demand and a supply. And finally her spreading her legs is to represent the breakneck economic expansion of the developing world's biggest economies, India and China due to oil demand being at an all time high! She is WARNING us to the rise of a Communist China and it's effect on American democracy! Eureka! That's it, we've decoded Britney's genius message. She was obviously afraid to speak out so publicly against the global powers and therefore needed to communicat it with her VAGINA!

Oh Britney, you crazy genius! I'll never doubt you again! To see the most recent picks look here.