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You Have the Right To Remain Sexy!

Is it gay pride festival time already? No? Then why was Wentworth Miller in town? Ah yes, Mr. Miller made an appearance in Toronto yesterday to heighten the already huge buzz surrounding the epic next season of Prison Break on Global TV.

Miller says his show will be nearly 'unrecognizable' next fall as it is being reinvented in a 'bold and ambitious' direction. Does ‘bold and ambitious’ mean tie-ins with Queer as Folk? Or perhaps turn it into a musical drama like Cop-Rock? I think a great idea would be a reality show called 'Prison Break-up' about the trials and tribulations of dating your cellmate and the eventual fall-out caused by a bad break up. Now I'd tune into that for sure!

Prediction: I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Wentworth will be giving away half his fortune to join the Scientologists so they can hide his Tom Cruise levels of gayness. Wait for it...

Here's the link on Wentworth's visit to the T-dot: