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Van Wilder does the Right Thing

The man came to his senses! Ryan Reynolds and the original horse-faced singer Alanis Morissette have broken up according to People magazine. Whoever on earth that would date, let alone get engaged, to this woman is beyond me. I've heard people talk about 'personalities' and 'soul mates' but that’s just something that ugly people say to make themselves feel better.

Rule #1: Pretty people should only date pretty people.

Rule #2: Alanis Morissette should never date a pretty person.

Rule #3: Just because you're a good singer doesn't mean that we can over look your horse-face.

Seriously, did you ever see her naked in the video Thank U? She's looking all dumpy and she was naked sitting on a public bus! Isn't there some kind of rules in place to keep that from happening? I haven't been able to take public transit since without feeling a tad nauseous. Thank U Alanis, for f'ing up my bus schedule! The number of people who no longer take the bus due to that video has probably jacked up global warming a billion percent! An Inconvenient Truth indeed.

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