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Read it here first - Britney's Manny is Revealed!

Who has that man been that's replacing K-Fed recently? The man who has been following Brit everywhere? The real father figure in Sean Preston's life? His name is Perry Taylor.

Who is Perry Taylor you ask? He's an ex-Navy Academy man who grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and he doesn't smell like puke and booze like K-Fed. But what I find so particularly fascinating is that Brit hired a MALE nanny with NO experience with kids and he's by her side 24/7. That's like me explaining to my wife why I keep hiring hot girls with no experience to clean my pool...well, first of all I have no wife or pool but most importantly, that hooker was dead in the pool when I found her officer..errr...where was I?

Right, to sum it up, Brit has been photographed more with this man over the last month then she and K-Fed have been in the past 6 months. Conclusion? K-Fed out, Perry Taylor in. Now does anyone know a good alibi?

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