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Lindsay Lohan's Coke Problem

Let me run a scenario by you. If I was a super-skinny rich actress (as opposed to the chiseled male model I currently am) and I was at a dinner table at a high class party and left 6 separate times in 2 hours to 'powder my nose' what would you think? That's what I was thinking...the operative word here is 'powder'. And I'm not talking about that pale, bald dude from the movie - I’m talking about the hard stuff, the real deal, GWB's drug of choice.

As if we didn't have enough dirt on Lindsay, now this...I think the drug is a great metaphor for Lohan's career, it's a powerful stimulant at first, but in the end it is extremely short lived.

My advice? If I was Lohan's PR person I'd tell her the following; if anyone at all asks about the incidents in question let's avoid all speculation of the coke habit by claiming diarrhea - trust me, the questions will stop there. Works for me when my boss asks me why I'm late.

Read what the NY Post is saying about the event: