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Hilary Duff and I have something in Common!

To be filed under 'great PR moves' Hilary Duff has claimed publicly that she's a virgin. Hilary Duff a virgin? Yeah right! And Ernest Hemingway was sober and Oscar Wilde was straight! Has she taken a cue from past popstars? Does she not know this isn't a good idea?

By Hilary saying she's a virgin is like me saying I am one of the greatest lovers of all time! You would think that she would learn her lesson from a similar virgin, who now eats Hamburger Helper and lives with the biggest piece of white trash in history.

If you look to the right of this article you'll see a picture of Hilary Duff with a condom in her bag. Now, unless she had a wicked-cool water balloon fight and didn't invite me, I'm assuming she's getting it on.

Here's the deets