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Britney Spears is the New Tom Cruise

Did anyone see Britney's interview on Dateline last week? It's sad to see a past pop queen fall so hard to become nothing more then a clinically retarded soccer-mom who can't string a proper sentence together. All this time I thought it was Sean Preston who would show the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome first, I'll admit I was wrong.

My favourite quote of the night is that she wants to start her own magazine to help set the record straight. Now frankly, I'm conflicted on this one. As much as I love to read about beef jerky, NASCAR and various ways to shotgun a can of Bud, I think she should stick to what she's best at; changing her baby on dirty store floors....or was it changing her baby when she's driving? No wait, didn't she say her son was her religion? And does that mean Sean Preston is Jesus? Does that then mean she's still a virgin?

My advice? Go to the Piggly Wiggly, eat your Cheetos and pray to Sean Preston that he'll give you your career back.

See the interview transcript here