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Brit and K-Fed's Family "Vacation"

ewww...take a look at that picture - swimming around in diapers, with all that filth seeping out into the ocean - gross!! I think I'm going to be sick.

Not to mention having the baby swimming in diapers is pretty gross too.

So after Brit's public meltdown on Dateline claiming that everything is cool with her marriage, the happy couple takes a vacation FROM THEMSELVES. Yes, Apparently Britney rented 2 houses, one for her and the other for K-Fed. According to a friend, she wanted to relax and to do so she prefers not to see that mooch husband of hers. Wow, I had no idea that was the formula for a great marriage. I guess it is when you're "country".

I used to take family vacations, this looks nothing like it. These three look so dishevelled and disgusting I thought this was a picture of the most recent Cuban refugees trying to swim their way to freedom. Go! Cuba Libre!

More on the story here. If there is a god the next series of photos will reveal the shark underwater that will eventually kill them all.