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Brad Pitt's new co-star: Billy Bob Thorton!!

It's true.

Brad Pitt is teaming up with an unusually hideous co-star on his upcoming project, Peace Like A River. And it's non other than Angelina Jolie's ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton.

Isn't there another ugly man in Hollywood he can cast? Can we bring Andre the Giant back to life to play this part? Or perhaps Brad is looking to expedite his break up with Angelina by causing a bit more tension in an already failing relationship. Truth is, Brad is just freaking out as the rate his new family is growing - Angelina is adopting kids like they're handbags and he's got no say. This is really his only way out (unless faking his own death is out of the question).

Or maybe he's hoping that him and Billy Bob will have an altercation on set and fight to the death. Either way, it'll give me material to write about.

Read about it here from the China Daily. Yeah, apparently they have COMPUTERS in China now...who knew? And it also seems they have access to the "information superhighway" thanks to their "modems". And all this time I thought they were sitting in front of Lite Brites, is my face red? I think so.