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Backstage Tales from the MMVAs: Paris Hilton and Tori Spelling

Much Music in Toronto celebrated their annual Much Music Video Awards on Sunday night. Unfortunately I didn't make the after-party as planned (it was the same night as my dwarf tossing league), but thanks to my backstage informants we still got some great stories to tell:

Dirty Paris spread her disease up north by making out with the goaltender for the Colorado Avalanche, Jose Theodore at the after-party...Isn't that interesting, considering he is married and has 3 month old son waiting for him at home. I just hope he doesn't kiss his baby with that mouth - remember that diseased monkey from Outbreak? That's nothing compared to what Baby Theodore could become.

Tori Spelling's husband, actor Dean McDermott, had his ex-wife show up for the pre-party causing a bit of an awkward situation. Well like any good wife, Tori had her thrown out, falsely claiming that Dean had a restraining order against her. We could judge Tori here people, but this could all be a misunderstanding, Tori could have mistaken Dean's ex-wife with that Mexican stripper that he actually has the restraining order against. Is it just me or does this remind you of the time she kicked David out of the Peach Pit for wanting to get to 3rd base? Man, one powerful episode indeed...