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photo stills from the new production of nightmare before christmas II......

.......oh wait.....that's just Nicole Richie in a bikini! Seriously, if He-man every became a stage production she'd be a shoo-in for Skeletor....does anyone really find this attractive?

Just put a few bugs buzzing around her and she could be on those 'save the starving children' ads i watch Sunday mornings as I help myself to an extra helping of bacon.

Send me $9.99 a month and I'll feed Nicole Richie...you'll even have a cute picture of her for your fridge and she'll write you letters and draw you pictures each month....(trust me - a little bit of heroin...errrr....i mean food would make her do just about anything....)

See pictures of the walking dead here....my death count for her is 16 months.....