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oprah, nobel peace price......nobel peace prize, oprah....

It looks like telling all the women in the world what to buy and read isn't enough....now Oprah has set up a site attempting to get herself nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Now I ask you, what the heck for? Losing and gaining enough fat to feed thousands of staving children for months? Beating Stedman on a regular basis? And while we're on the topic - have you seen her lately - has she EATEN Stedman?

I mean, in all honesty i'd love to see Oprah win the Nobel Peace Prize.....that is if you replace 'Oprah' with 'Killer Robots' and 'Nobel Peace Prize' with 'Beat the crap out of that annoying guy that sits across from me at work'

Please visit the site and leave a comment like: 'Screw you Winfrey!!! When will you EVER recommend a Choose you Own Adventure in your book club???'